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C-130 Shadow Box - 5x8

C-130 Shadow Box - 5x8
MSB-C130 5x8
32.00 lbs
Our price:
$ 305.00
Background Color
Stain Color
Aircraft Model
Laser Engraving
Engraving Description Top Left
Engraving Description Top Right
Background Plaque
Plaque Line 1
Plaque Line 2
Plaque Line 3
Plaque Line 4
Plaque Line 5
Plaque Line 6
Mounting Adhesive
American Flag
Install Flag in Box
Shadow box in the shape of the Mighty Herc. Designed to hold a 5'x8' flag, the overall display size is 34" wide by 24" high. The 2 cutouts are 7.5" x 7.5", and from wingtip to wingtip is 30". The wings are tapered from the fuselage out 3.75" to 2 25" at the wingtip.

Display has a glass front with your choice of background color.