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Family Medal - Buckle Box

Family Medal - Buckle Box
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$ 90.00
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When service members serve, they aren't the only ones who serve. Their families serve also. Homecomings are joyous moments for military families, and you want to show how much you appreciate their love and support.

This medal is appropriate for those who supported you but don't fall into the category of parent, child or spouse. For that Grandmother, Uncle, or any other family member who supported you in your military life.

This medal is also a good substitute for the Child's medal when they are out of stock.

Our newest option for presentation is an 8" x 10" walnut buckle box with a reduced scale certificate on a metal plate. Save yourself a trip to the frame shop and receive the medal ready to present to your family!
Parent Medal - Buckle Box
Parent Medal - Buckle Box
$ 90.00
Child's  Medal - Framed
Child's Medal - Framed
$ 105.00

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