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Functional Badge, 3x5

Functional Badge, 3x5
Functional Badge Shadow Box Functional Badge Shadow Box
27.00 lbs
Our price:
$ 275.00
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Stain Color
Laser Engraving on Top of Box - Select Total Number of Engravings
Laser Engraving
Laser Engraving - Top Left
Laser Engraving - Top Right
Laser Engraving - Bottom Left
Laser Engraving - Bottom Right
Background Plaque
Plaque Line 1
Plaque Line 2
Plaque Line 3
Plaque Line 4
Plaque Line 5
Plaque Line 6
Mounting Adhesive
American Flag
Install Flag in Box
Shadow box in the shape of the different Functional Badges. Overall size for the shadow box is 34" wide by 22" high. Display has a glass front with an AF blue background.

Note: You must describe the functional badge you require in the first field in the form below.