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Navy/CG E-5, 3x5

Navy/CG E-5, 3x5
Navy E5 Shadow Box with Walnut Stain
23.00 lbs
Our price:
$ 185.00
Stain Color
Background Color
Chevron Stand (for freestanding option)
Laser Engraving
Top Left
Top Right
Laser Engraving Around Flag Area
Engraved Text
Background Plaque
Plaque Line 1
Plaque Line 2
Plaque Line 3
Plaque Line 4
Plaque Line 5
Plaque Line 6
Mounting Adhesive
American Flag 3x5
Install Flag in Box
Shadow box in the shape of the enlisted stripes. Display area is 17" wide by 14" high. Display has a glass front.