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Parent's Medal - Framed

Parent's  Medal - Framed
MSG-10B Frame
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$ 105.00
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When service members serve, they aren't the only ones who serve. Their families serve also. Homecomings are joyous moments for military families, but until recently, the service and sacrifice made by the parents of deployed troops went largely unrecognized.

That has all changed here, thanks to the creation of the Military Parent's Medal. This medal is a gift they will treasure and tell their friends about. Ideal to recognize their contributions. The medal, itself, is circular and measures 1 5/8 inches in diameter is approximately 3 mm thick and has a two tone finish, the drape is a "regulation" size drape. The back of the medal is a smooth polished surface in the silver color and is ideal for engraving.

There is NO "issuing criteria" beyond that of a loving child that wishes to recognize the contributions of the parents that love them.

The medal is framed and matted in a solid oak frame with dark blue and white matting. Overall Size of the frame is 12" x 16".

Save yourself a trip to the frame shop and receive the medal ready to present to your Mom and Dad!
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Child's  Medal - Framed
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