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Spouse Medal - Framed

Spouse Medal - Framed
No Stain Medium Oak
7.00 lbs
Our price:
$ 105.00
Certificate Customization
Stain Color
Name Customization

You have your medals now give your spouse the recognition they deserve. Great for ALL ceremonies and occasions. This medal is a gift they will treasure and tell their friends about. It is ideal to recognize their contribution.

Comes with personalized certificate.

We offer two options for presentation of the medal. It can be framed and matted in a solid oak frame with dark blue and white matting.

Overall Size of the frame is 12" x 16".

Our newest option for presentation is an 8" x 10" walnut buckle box with a reduced scale certificate on a metal plate.

Save yourself a trip to the frame shop and receive the medal ready to present to your spouse!


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